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Facebook isn’t just for teens and catching up with old high school friends, it’s a tool that provides a wonderful opportunity to create a community and engage with your fellow aquarium fans. Best of all, it’s free unless you choose to advertise. Let’s start with the free part and how you can leverage it for your club. By starting a page you can provide a place for your club to exchange ideas, post fish room pictures and attract new members to the club. You also can create events and invite your Facebook audience to attend.

We've posted the 2017 Winners of the FAAS Publication Awards!

Congratulations to "Author of the Year" Anthony Kroeger of the Brooklyn Aquarium Society.

We'd like to thank all the clubs who submitted entries this year. There were 172 total entries this year from four different clubs. participation is down significantly the last few years and we are considering dropping the awards.

More notes on the process after the break.

Honor your club members who have made a key contribution to your society with a FAAS Medallion.

The FAAS Medallion  features the FAAS logo and comes with a ribbon strap. Many clubs have it mounted on a plaque or trophy to add prestige to the Award.

FAAS has a limited number of medallions available upon request (one per year). There is no cost for the medallion, but we do ask that your club pay shipping, about $6 in the US. To get one, just email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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