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Talks for category: Cichlids

title speaker short description
Adventure in Panama Dan Woodland
All About Archocentrus Sam Borstein
Breeding Challenging Tanganyikans Rich Bireley
Breeding strategies of Tanganyika cichlids Ad Konings
Building a High Tech, Low Cost Fish Room Dan Woodland
Cichlid Fishes of Costa Rica Ronald Coleman
Cichlids of the Maya Eric Hanneman
Collecting Haplochomine Cichlids in the Lake Victoria Basin Lawrence Kent
Collecting in Honduras Ken Davis
Collecting in the wild of south Florida Ken Davis
Collecting In Uruguay Ken Davis
Dwarf Cichlids Kevin Plazak
Feeding strategies of Malawi cichlids Ad Konings
Geophaginii Jeremy Basch
History of discus in the hobby Ken Davis
Honduras Revisited Dan Woodland
Introduction to Frontosa Anthony Tu
Is it a Hobby or a Disease? Dan Woodland
Lake Tanganyika Cichlids for Beginners Anthony Tu
Lake Tanganyika Cichlids in the Aquarium John Krepper
Lake Victiona Rock Cichlids Ken Davis
Lake Victoria and its Cichlids Chuck Rambo
Malawi Peacocks Kevin Plazak
Mexico- The Panuco Basin Rusty Wessel
My Favorite Cichlids, and a Few New Ones Dan Woodland
Petrochromis, Gobies, Sand Sifters, and the Odd Ball Cichlids of Lake Tanganyika Sarah Roberts
South America Dan Woodland
Tanganyikans for 20s Rich Bireley
The Cichlid Adventures in Costa Rica Sam Borstein
The Genus Pelvicachromis Ted Judy
The Road to Master Breeder: Tips and Techniques for Spawning Cichlids Rick Borstein
The Search for Amphilophus margaritifer Eric Hanneman
The secrets of keeping and breeding Altolamprologus Anthony Tu
Thorichthys Rusty Wessel
Today in the Fishroom Mo Devlin
Traveling to Tanganyika Eric Hanneman
West Africa Aquarium Ted Judy
West Africxa's Forgotten Gems Jim Robinson