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Talks for category:

title speaker short description
40 Years in the Hobby Chuck Rambo
A Custom Talk Just For You Jim Robinson
A natural history the vanishing Mexican desert fishes of the genus Characodon Michi Tobler
A Week on the Peruvian Amazon Mark Denaro
Acclimation & Quarantine Tony Vargas
Adaptation and speciation in sulfide spring fishes Michi Tobler
Adventure in Panama Dan Woodland
African Tetras Ted Judy
All About Archocentrus Sam Borstein
All the Bells and Whistles Jonathan Dooley
Altiplano to Amazon Brian Perkins
An Introduction to North American Fishes Joshua Wiegert
Anabantoids - Keeping and Breeding Fish that can Drown! Mike Hellweg
Angels, Butterflies and Tangs Mark Denaro
Aquarium Filtration and Lighting Mark Denaro
Australian Rainbowfish and Blue-Eyes Ken Boorman
Basic Goldfish Keeping Outdoors Gary Hater
Basic Rainbowfish Gary Lange
Beyond Rainbows: Other Great Australian Fishes Ken Boorman
Beyond Sex With Scissors Jim Robinson
Breeding and Raising Livebearers Mike Hellweg
Breeding Challenging Tanganyikans Rich Bireley
Breeding Clownfish: Your first step into a larger world Tal Sweet
Breeding Fish, What works for me Scott Tetzlaff
Breeding Freshwater Invertebrates:Dwarf Shrimp,Dwarf Crayfish, and Snails. Rachel O'Leary
Breeding Killifish Matthew Bielski
Breeding strategies of Tanganyika cichlids Ad Konings
Breeding Tips and Tricks Mike Hellweg
Building a High Tech, Low Cost Fish Room Dan Woodland
Calcium Reactor Setup Jonathan Dooley
Captive Breed FAQ's Tal Sweet
Central America: Habitats and species Michi Tobler
Cichlid Fishes of Costa Rica Ronald Coleman
Cichlids of the Maya Eric Hanneman
Clownfishes Matt Pedersen A talk looking at 30 species, plus dozens of biogeographic variants (possibly new species), along with the genetic mutations that drive designer clownfish breeding and the positives and negatives of hybridization within the clownfish breeding hobby and industry.
Collecting Haplochomine Cichlids in the Lake Victoria Basin Lawrence Kent
Collecting in Africa's Great Lakes and Rivers Lawrence Kent
Collecting in Florida Richard Forcier
Collecting in Honduras Ken Davis
Collecting in Honduras Rusty Wessel
Collecting in Mexico Richard Forcier
Collecting in the Congo, Lake Magadi in Kenya, and the Kafue in Zambia Lawrence Kent
Collecting in the wild of south Florida Ken Davis
Collecting In Uruguay Ken Davis
Collecting in Uruguay Lee Harper
Common Sense Fish Health Terry Fairfield
Conservation and the Aquarium Hobby Joshua Wiegert
Corydoras Basics Joe Fleckenstein
Creating your own Automatic Water Change System Greg Sage
Culturing Live Foods Mike Hellweg
Cyprinids in Miniature Mike Hellweg
Cyprinids in the Aquarium Mike Hellweg
Digital Fish Photography Gary Lange
Dry Food Nutrition Robert Borger
Dwarf Cichlids Kevin Plazak
Egg Scatterers Stephan M Tanner
Feeding strategies of Malawi cichlids Ad Konings
Fishes for the Reef Aquarium Mark Denaro
Fishkeeping European style! Stephan M Tanner
Fishroom Design Mike Hellweg
Freshwater Invertebrates: Myths and Misconceptions. Rachel O'Leary
From Goldfish Bowl to Fish House Scott Tetzlaff
Frontosa for advanced hobbyists Anthony Tu
Fun in The Sun (Turning a 13,000 Gallon Above Ground pool Into a Pond Joe Fleckenstein
Geophaginii Jeremy Basch
Going Gabon! Ted Judy
Going Gabon! Ted Judy
Goodeid Livebearers I have known Richard Forcier
Guppy Genetics William Gill
High-tech Fish room Matthew Bielski
History of discus in the hobby Ken Davis
Honduras Revisited Dan Woodland
Indoor Goldfish keeping Gary Hater
Introduction to Aquatic Carnivorous Plants Chuck Rambo
Introduction to Frontosa Anthony Tu
Introduction to Killies Jim Robinson
Introduction to Killifish Joel Antkowiak
Introduction to Livebearers Jim Robinson
Introduction to Marine Fish Mark Denaro
Is it a Hobby or a Disease? Dan Woodland
Joe Fleck's Fish-Room "The Trails and Tribulations" Joe Fleckenstein
Keeping Plants in the Aquarium Scott Tetzlaff
Keeping the Aquarium Hobby Alive Anthony Tu
Killifish Lee Harper
Lake Malawi for Rookies Chuck Rambo
Lake Tanganyika Cichlids for Beginners Anthony Tu
Lake Tanganyika Cichlids in the Aquarium John Krepper
Lake Tanganyika for Rookies Chuck Rambo
Lake Victiona Rock Cichlids Ken Davis
Lake Victoria and its Cichlids Chuck Rambo
Live Foods Joe Fleckenstein
Livebearer Reproduction Strategies Rick Borstein
Livebearers Richard Forcier
Livebearers Richard Forcier
Livebearers Scott Tetzlaff
Livebearers Greg Sage
Livebearers of Mexico to Panama Rusty Wessel
Madre de Dios, Peru Jeremy Basch
Malawi Peacocks Kevin Plazak
Marine Fish Breeding Matt Pedersen
Marine Fishrooms - the Ultimate DIY Project Matt Pedersen
Meet the Halfbeaks Mike Hellweg
Meet the Wild Betta Species Mike Hellweg
Mexico- The Panuco Basin Rusty Wessel
Miniature Oddballs - Keeping and Breeding Uncommon Miniature Fish Mike Hellweg
Minnows of the World Scott Tetzlaff
Mr. Story Time Jim Robinson
My Adventures with Dwarf Seahorses and Freshwater Pipefish Mike Hellweg
My Favorite Cichlids, and a Few New Ones Dan Woodland
My fishroom Allen Wood
My Million Gallon Salt Tank Richard Forcier
Nano Aquariums Mark Denaro
Nano Guppies William Gill
No buckets, no hoses. Automating Water Changes in your Fish Room Rick Borstein
One Hundred Fifty-Two Species Ted Judy
Ontario's Invasive Species Ken Boorman
Petrochromis, Gobies, Sand Sifters, and the Odd Ball Cichlids of Lake Tanganyika Sarah Roberts
Phil and Jan's Pond (or what happens when a good statue goes bad) Phil Benes
Planted Aquariums Jonathan Dooley
Pleco Nutrition Stephan M Tanner
Plecos, Let's Breed Them Before They Vanish Stephan M Tanner
Poor Man's Collecting Trip Chuck Rambo
Rainbowfish Heaven The Trials and Tribulations of Collecting Rainbowfish in New Guinea Gary Lange
Rainbowfish, My Way Phil Benes
Raising Fry from Egg to Adolescence Ted Judy
Reef Safe Wrasses Tony Vargas
Rethinking the Harlequin Filefish, Oxymonacanthus longirostris Matt Pedersen
Rift Lakes for Rookies Chuck Rambo
Selection & Breeding Rare Goldfish Gary Hater
Selective Breeding Greg Sage
Sex With Scissors Jim Robinson
Sex With Scissors Jim Robinson
Smile Fish! Mo Devlin
South America Dan Woodland
South American Catfish Jeremy Basch
Spawning Problem Fish 1 Jim Robinson
Spawning Strategies of Killies Jim Robinson
Successful Reef Aquariums Tony Vargas
Synodontis Catfish Michael Meyer
Tanganyikans for 20s Rich Bireley
Tank Busters Jim Robinson
Ted's FIshroom.... I Want a Mulligan! Ted Judy
Ted's Most Excellent Cameroon Adventure - Part 1 Ted Judy
Ted's Most Excellent Cameroon Adventure - Part 2 Ted Judy
The Adventures of Collecting Natives Scott Tetzlaff
The Aquarium Ark Matt Pedersen A broad look at how the Marine Aquarium hobby and industry can be a force for the captive preservation of natural biodiversity, with lessons learned from orchids, freshwater aquarium keeping and beyond.
The Cichlid Adventures in Costa Rica Sam Borstein
The evolutionary and taxonomic of Tylomelania-Rabbit snails Anthony Tu
The Genus Pelvicachromis Ted Judy
The good, the bad, and the algae. Jonathan Dooley
The Grim Reaper Awards Jim Robinson
The Hillstream and Botine Loaches Jim Powers
The History of Keeping Aquatic Organisms as Pets Chuck Rambo
The Joy of Goldfish Mike Hellweg
The Planted Aquarium Mark Denaro
The Road to Master Breeder: Tips and Techniques for Spawning Cichlids Rick Borstein
The Search for Amphilophus margaritifer Eric Hanneman
The secrets of keeping and breeding Altolamprologus Anthony Tu
Third Time is the Charm Gary Lange
Thorichthys Rusty Wessel
Today in the Fishroom Mo Devlin
Traveling to Tanganyika Eric Hanneman
Tubbataha & Apo Reef - Their amazing recovery Tony Vargas
Unusual Livebearers Ken Davis
Water Chemistry 101 Phil Benes
Water Gardens Mark Denaro
Water Quality and Fish Health Matthew Bielski
West Africa Aquarium Ted Judy
West Africxa's Forgotten Gems Jim Robinson
What is the Marine Breeding Initiative? Tal Sweet
Who C.A.R.E.S about Goodeids Derek Walker
Why Captive Bred? Matt Pedersen
Wild Bettas Mark Denaro
Wild Bettas and Other Anabantoids Mark Denaro
Wild Livebearers, More than just the Retail Big Four"" Mike Hellweg
Zen and the art of ponding Jonathan Dooley