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Planning Stage

Formulate a plan of attack

  • Contact FAAS for additional support and list of active clubs in your area.
  • Contact nearby clubs for sample rules and guidelines.
  • Make contacts in your local area
    • Possible members
    • Possible meeting places
    • Possible supporters
    • Local pet shops and hobby outlets
    • Local sources of ribbon awards
    • Local sources of publishing materials
    • Possible sources for loan of publishing equipment

An aquarium or pond organization should have a consitution and bylaws. These important documents formally set forth the name of the organization, its purpose, types and number of elected officers and voting procedures.

At one of your first meetings, you should review the proposed constitution and vote to accept it. Next, you should have your first vote for elected officers. It's a good idea to have all of the members sign a printed original copy of your first constitution.

The following document is a suggested starting point. Depending on the needs of your society, you may need to make changes.


The aquarium hobby is fun, but it's even more fun when you can share and learn from fellow hobbyists!

Local aquarium societies are important to the success of the tropical fish hobby and do a great job:

  1. Helping newcomers to the hobby increase their success with fish
  2. Providing a social atmosphere and a fun place to make friends
  3. Giving members access to great fish, plants and more
  4. Band people together to raise money for a worthy cause such as conservation or research
  5. Provide group outings

Although books and the internet have a lot of hobby-related information, much more is in the village. The best resource for learning about our great hobby is through other hobbyists.

The Federation of American Aquarium Societies Can Help!

FAAS offers programs and guidance to help you start your own local club. Please Board of Directors Page contact our President and we will be happy to offer you help and consulting.