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Planning, the detail of it or the lack of it, can be considered as the major factor influencing the success or failure of any aquarium society activity or indeed of the entire society , My question is, "Where does is the planning stop?"

My experiences at local level administration have led me to believe that it does not stop even down to the level of the most inexperienced volunteer on any project you wish to name.

by Rick Borstein

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing the same way and expecting different results.

How does that apply here?

You’ll find people in your club who object to purchasing technology because they don’t understand it. Even though they know there is a problem, they fear the solution. This is when you really need to use your selling skills.

In my society, which I consider one of the best-run societies in the United States, I occasionally run into roadblocks trying to get people to accept new ideas.

A few years ago, I tried to convince our board that we needed a new logo. The club logo didn’t work well on the web or video, and nobody had a clean version to use in print either! The argument I heard was—it’s served us well for thirty years, why should we change it?

Nobody could see that the web would become the critical medium is today. Today, our club receives most of our memberships via our website and reaches over 1200 people via a listserve advertising society events.

It was a long story, but I ultimately ended up abandoning the idea. We still don’t have a logo that works in all media or the consistent branding our club needs.

I lost that battle, but a few years ago, when our Auction Chairman resigned, we had a tougher problem on our hands.