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Category H. Biotope Aquascape

250 gallon Lake Tanganyika biotope aquarium, housing Tropheus duboisi. The stacked rock creates a variety of small caverns for these beautiful fish to stake out as their own, they defend these small territories with gusto. On the edges of the tank are some bunches of Vallisneria aethiopica, with a nice layer of natural white sand as a substrate. This tank has been setup for about 18 months, over the last few months they have been spawning regularly.




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General Entrance Guidelines & Rules

The FAAS Video Fish Competition is open for entry until Midnight April 18th 2021, with results announced on Mother's Day May 9th. 

This event is primarily a friendly way for hobbyists to share their fish with each other and the greater aquarium hobby at large. The contest will also allow hobbyists to compete for awards. The event is open to all hobbyists, regardless of age, national origin or degree of experience in the hobby.

Note: Categories are subject to change and may be combined or divided depending on participation.

A. Ornamental Live bearers

B. Natural Live bearers

C. Ornamental Egg Layers

D Natural Egg Layers

E. Freshwater Invertebrates

F. Marine Organisms

K. Mixed Species / Community Aquariums 

By entering this competition all entrants are releasing full rights of the entry videos to the Federation of American Aquarium Societies.

Each exhibitor will need to:

  1. Send an email  with a small amount of personal information (including their real legal name, City and Country

  2. The category you are entering.

  3. Supply the scientific name for each entry (as well as variety name for ornamental entries).

  4. Each entry will be a video of up to 1 minute in length.

  5. Only one entry per tank.

  6. While it is recommended that entries be shown in an empty show tank. It is not necessary as long as the fish is clearly visible for the judge to evaluate. Fish that are difficult to see or are not visible will be pointed down.
  7. Optional place a ruler or yard stick in front ot the tank to guage size.

  8. The lighting of exhibits will be up to the exhibitor except in the case of color-intensifying lighting which will not be allowed.

  9. One entry per species per person except in the ornamental categories where exhibitors may show different varieties of the same species.

  10. No music or sound in the video.

  11. The exhibitor and any other people should not appear in the video. (Be careful of reflections.)

  12. No logos or any other identifying marks should be visible in the video.

  13.  Videos must be playable on other devices;. Exhibitors entering incompatible material will be invited to re-submit material in a more suitable format.

  14. The subject of your email should be "FAAS Show Entry"

  15.  Each entry should be sent in a separate email.

 email entries to

Judging and Awards

Entries will be sent to the judges by the show organizer.

Judging will take place from April 19th through the 30th. More info about judges will be posted on the FAAS website.

Videos will be judged by judges from specialty organizations as well as general species.

Entries will be pointed in the following manner:

Body - 20 points

Fins - 20 points

Color - 20 Points

Condition and Deportment - 20 points

Presentation - 20 Points


The top four winners of each category will receive a printable award certificate.

Entrants who fail to place will receive a printable certificate of participation.


All questions and concerns should be directed towards Bill Gill at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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