Federation of American Aquarium Societies Federation of American Aquarium Societies Federation of American Aquarium Societies

The Federation of American Aquarium Societies (FAAS), formed in 1973, is a service organization of and for aquarium societies of North, Central and South America.

Helping Aquarium Societies

Although the original idea for FAAS was to band together to fight for the Hobby against the proposed federal ban of importation and transshipping of tropical fish, the Federation soon realized that a wealth of information existed among its members and therefore expanded. This information, if shared and passed along, could benefit all societies.

All aquarium societies face common problems of attraction new members, staffing and financing their operations, coping with internal squabbles and so forth. FAAS believes that successful ideas and methods developed by one club could easily benefit others if it was made readily available. Therefore, FAAS became a national organization serving as the mechanism of communication between clubs; bringing together ideas, suggestions and information to its member societies and other interested parties.

FAAS is now primarily a virtual, web-based organization which hosts information to help societies run better.

Why should your society join FAAS?

FAAS offers a number of programs to recongnize and support local aquarium societies.

  • It's free to join
  • Access to members-only materials such as meeting programming
  • Ability to gain new members who may find your club on the FAAS directory
  • Band together to support the aquarium hobby
  • Assistance to New Societies

FAAS offers assistance to those who wish to form a new aquarium society. Upon request, we will work with you to help you start a new aquarium or pond club.

Who runs FAAS?

FAAS is unique in that there is no physicallocation for the FAAS operations. Our Board of Directors works virtually via email and via web conference to run the organization.


We communicate to our members primarily via this web site and via social media such as FaceBook.

Communication between FAAS and your local aquarium club is done through the local FAAS Delegate. This individual is a member of your club, selected by you and is our direct contact to your society. His responsibility is to provide you with updates of Federation activities and at the local level is the most important member of our organization.

This person should be the person who registers the club on our site.