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2017 Publication Awards Posted

We've posted the 2017 Winners of the FAAS Publication Awards!

Congratulations to "Author of the Year" Anthony Kroeger of the Brooklyn Aquarium Society.

We'd like to thank all the clubs who submitted entries this year. There were 172 total entries this year from four different clubs. participation is down significantly the last few years and we are considering dropping the awards.

More notes on the process after the break.

Observation for the 2017 Awards

Low Participation, Problems with Entry Manifests

  • 2017 had only four clubs participate. In the past, we had as many as 16 clubs. That said, we did not promote the awards. FAAS is crawling along and we need new leaders.
  • We had several problems with entry manifests. Articles were missing or incorrectly identified on manifests. One club types in ALL CAPS.

What do the judges look for in an article?

Overall, quality of the articles might be down a bit, but this may be a judgement based on law participation. 

  • Does the article have a good introduction that grabs the reader?
  • Does the article show effort in research? 
  • Does the article break new ground? Is it a new topic?
  • Will other aquarists be interested in the topc?
  • Does the article fit the category? Generally articles that only loosely fit the category do not win. 
  • Humorous Article Category - Is the article really funny? Was it specifically written to make folks laugh?
  • All other things being equal, is the layout stronger in one article than the other?
  • Do pictures accompany the article? If so, do they support the article?


Anthony Kroeger