About the Pub Awards

This program recognizes the efforts and contributions made by aquarium societies and their members to promote interest in the Tropical Fish hobby by sharing information and encouraging communication by way of a hobby publication.

In addition to rewarding authors for their efforts, FAAS publishes the first place entries for most categories.This is great material to reprint in your own publication.

Entries are due by March 31st h of the year following the publication year. In other words, 2017 entries will be due by March 31, 2018. Judging generally takes four to six months. FAAS announces the winners on our website and via email and social media.

Previous Winners

Want to see good examples of writing and artwork?

Take a look at our Previous Winners Archive. There are hundreds of entries you can browse through.

Articles and Artwork from non-commercial publications during a calendar year are submitted for consideration by the eligible society. There are 30 categories for consideration. Some awards offer a junior level competition based on the age of the individual author.

Just a few of the categories for consideration are:

  • Best Editor and Publication, more than six (6) issues
  • Best Editor and Publication, six (6) or fewer issues
  • Best Spawning Article under 500 words
  • Best Spawning Article 500-1000 words
  • Best Article on a Genus of fish
  • Best Article on a species of fish
  • Best Do-It-Yourself Article

How do I enter?

Go to our How to Enter.