Aquarium Society Formation Checklist

Planning Stage

Formulate a plan of attack

  • Contact FAAS for additional support and list of active clubs in your area.
  • Contact nearby clubs for sample rules and guidelines.
  • Make contacts in your local area
    • Possible members
    • Possible meeting places
    • Possible supporters
    • Local pet shops and hobby outlets
    • Local sources of ribbon awards
    • Local sources of publishing materials
    • Possible sources for loan of publishing equipment

Advertising Mediums

  • TV
  • Radio stations
  • Newspapers
  • Internet
  • Print flyers

Draft a sample constitution and bylaws

  • Draft bowl show rules
  • Draft committee structure
  • Draw up a workable time schedule of formation
  • Prepare your publicity (letters, posters, press releases)
  • Join FAAS

Formation Stage

Hold your first organizational meeting

  • Elect interim chairman and secretary
  • Select a name for your society
  • Introduce constitution and bylaws
  • Keep members interested by frequent contact and reminders
  • Actively solicit support from pet shops and hobby outlets
  • Confirm a site for the general meeting
  • Continue formation meetings as required
  • Plan for general meeting date, place, time and schedule of activities
  • Introduce bowl show and/or other activity guidelines
  • Plan additional meetings in advance.
  • Decide on a meeting format and schedule
  • Set goals, desirable to urgent and from immediate to long-range
  • with emphasison easy to difficult
  • Renew publicity campaign for this first meeting

Your First General Meeting

  • Submit constitution and bylaws for approval.
  • Nominations for office with elections at the second meeting
  • Fully brief all those present as to schedule of events, plans andexpectations;
  • solicit actively for memberships
  • Distribute free door prizes to encourage future attendance at meetings
  • Encourage support in bowl show and introduce the planned auctions, etc.,
  • as part of all future meetings
  • Keep the meeting interesting and play down business
  • Request all present to attend planning meetings/business meetings to input for formation phase
  • Encourage maximum membership involvement in all areas

Follow up to Meeting

  • Carefully assess what has happened, what has been accomplished, possible changes and introductions for future meetings and activities.
  • Determine the degree of interest expressed by the attendees and place emphasis on the areas of greatest interest.
  • Develop plans and activities quickly if it is seen that the activity in question might be well accepted. Proceed with caution where less interest has been displayed.
  • Organize a newsletter to all members (even a single page which announces the next meeting will suffice). Increase this as you obtain additional funds and interest.
  • Maintain interest with new ideas and by actively soliciting membership participation.
  • Keep in touch with FAAS as things develop and as problems are seen to develop.