Selecting Judges and the Judging Process

After almost every competitive judging of fishes and aquaria, one will hear some grumbling regarding the judges.

Judging is by its very nature a subjective activity. Every judge without exception has limitations and personal biases. Perfect judges probably don't exist and even satisfactory ones are hard to find.

Who Would Be a Good Judge?

  1. Should be able to identify every species of fish he is expected to judge.
  2. Must have knowledge of the fish species including proportional variation in size and shape of the sexes, all ontogenetic (developmental) variations in shape and color.
  3. Must be without bias (no preconceived ideas of beauty; no preferences to color, size or species of fish, no prejudice for or against aquarium strains or wild strains).
  4. Be able to detect irregularities in deportment and coloration due to the use of hormones.

If you know of such a person, they will quickly become famous and exhausted since the demand for their services will be without limit.

Let’s take a look at a look at a few examples of challenges that judges face.

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