FAAS Medallion

Honor your club members who have made a key contribution to your society with a FAAS Medallion.

The FAAS Medallion  features the FAAS logo and comes with a ribbon strap. Many clubs have it mounted on a plaque or trophy to add prestige to the Award.

FAAS has a limited number of medallions available upon request (one per year). There is no cost for the medallion, but we do ask that your club pay shipping, about $6 in the US. To get one, just email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Historically member societies use this medallion award to recognize workers who distinguish themselves within the local administrative group, noted local authors, long time dedication to the hobby, one single major contribution to the hobby or even as a additional special award related to a show or convention.

Stark County Aqualife Enthusiasts Society gave a FAAS Medallion to Cal & Pat Edwards for selling the most sponsors for their Annual Show.